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Opera for Children

The huge word factory

For children aged 6+

chamber opera by Martin Zels based on Agnès de Lestrade's book

Marie, Paul and Oskar live in the land of the big word factory, where words are manufactured on an industrial scale, leaving the factory as expensive products. Each word costs money and the prices vary, so talking a lot's expensive. Unfortunately not everyone has the funds to buy richly worded sentences, let alone stories. That's why nobody speaks much in this country. Sometimes a few words fly through the air and children catch them in their butterfly nets. That's how Paul caught »cherry«, »dust« and »stool«. Three words he wants to give Marie for her birthday, to tell her how much he loves her. But he hasn't got enough money for that. It's equally frustrating that Oskar's in love with Marie too! Oskar's father's got tons of money so Oskar's able to declare his love for Marie with lots of sentences - although it costs a small fortune! Paul keeps his words safe, waiting for the right moment to express his love for Marie. Will Paul get his chance?

A handful of singers and musicians introduce children to the world of opera with entertaining short adaptations of operas for children

Remaining events during 2023/24, in our new venue: Neue Kaiser
June 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9, 11, 13 & 15 2024

booking opens on the 15th of the month, 2 months in advance
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