Paul Hindemith Orchestra Academy 


Paul-Hindemith-Orchester-Akademie 2021/22
© Bogdan Michael Kisch

Nurturing future generations of orchestral musicians was so important to members of the Frankfurter Opern -und Museumsorchester that they founded an Orchestra Academy, named after Paul Hindemith, a concert master of the orchestra from 1915-1923, in 2015/16.

Highly talented musicians, who have graduated, can strive for an even higher level of performance to help them prepare for a career in music. The Paul Hindemith Academy allows them to gain experience of the day to day existance of orchestral musicians. They also receive individual tuition, play chamber music and, a very important thing, learn how to prepare to be able to perform at their best in audition and in competition – under the watchful eye of Karin Boerries, a concert master here for many years and a trained mental coach. Successful candidates receive a scholarship. They can also attend performances of opera and concerts in our series of symphonic concerts.

Current Members of the Academy

Laura-Delia Knecht violin
Alexandra Miranda Tsiokou violin
Iria Fernández Silva viola
Che-Wei Kuo cello
Hwicho You double bass

Valentina Vatteroni harp

Sara Bellini flute
Henrike Kirsch bassoon

Aina Amengual horn
Simon Blatter trumpet
Konstantin Kappe trombone
Felix Langmaier tuba

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