Opera for You

 For young adults 

Attention young opera lovers: join our Youth Club and get to know others who have been bitten by the same bug as you! Once a month we open the doors to our workshops, for you to sniff a bit of stage atmosphere, give you the chance to see some rehearsals on stage, have a peek at places in the building which are normally closed to the public, meet a singer from the ensemble and look over the shoulders of orchestral musicians rehearsing.  A further highlight are Opera Days, which are reserved for members of our Youth Club.

Apply, ONE MONTH before the date in question, here: jetzt@buehnen-frankfurt.de
You must be in possession of a Junior Card to be a member of the Youth Club.

Go to the opera and pay a lot less: Junior cards cost €10 and are valid for a year. If you feel like seeing an opera then come to the evening box office on the evening of the performance, present your card and you and your companion (who must also be under 30) will be given the best available seats in category III for only €15 each. You may not use your card for first nights of new productions, the performance on New Year’s Eve and other special events. 

On sale from the advance box office or by email.