The more often the better! Oper Frankfurt has more than 30 different subscriptions, catering for every taste and budget. There are, for example, subscriptions for baroque operas, new works, new productions, performances on particular days of the week, recitals and our operas "in concert", which now take place at Oper Frankfurt (not the Alte Oper). It is possible to take up a subscription which has already begun - you will be given vouchers, valid for the next few seasons, for the performances you have already missed.
For further information please contact our "Aboservice"
Tel: +49 (0)69 212 37 333
E-mail: (email questions will also be answered in english)
Information about all subscriptions, with dates and prices, can be found on the german version of our website - just click here: Oper Frankfurt / Abonnements


Tickets in a subscription are much cheaper than buying individual tickets: you pay between 25% & 65% less (with the exception of Premiere Series 01 and Opera for Children).

School Children and Students receive an additional discount of 50% on the subscription price (with the exception of Premiere Series 01 and Workshops for Children)

No queuing, no missing an operatic experience because the tickets are sold out.

Subscriptions are flexible: If you hold a subscription for 3 or 4 performances you can change one of the dates. You can change two dates if you hold a subscription for 5 or 6 performances, and three if you hold a subscription for 7 or more performances.

If you are unable to attend a performance you can give your ticket to a friend. (School Children and Student subscribers may only pass their tickets on to other children or students)

A subscription ticket allows you to use public transport, FREE, for 5 hours before the performance begins and afterwards until the public transport system closes down for the night. Transport regulations for Mix-Coupon-Subscriptions appear on the reverse side of the ticket.

If you are a subscription holder you are entitled to a reduction of 15% on other tickets for the opera, schauspielfrankfurt AND, subject to availability, the opera houses and festivals listed below (this does not apply for Premieres or special events).

Schauspiel Frankfurt

Staatstheater Darmstadt

Stadttheater Gießen

Staatstheater Kassel

Staatstheater Mainz

Hessisches Staatstheater Wiesbaden

Theater im Pfalzbau Ludwigshafen

Nationaltheater Mannheim

Theater und Philharmonisches Orchester der Stadt Heidelberg

Landestheater Marburg