Opera for You

 For children and families 

Operatic arias and nursery rhymes sound wonderful, are fun and give small children the chance of hearing something new. A simple storyline takes them off on a journey to the world of music and members of our ensemble of singers and orchestral musicians. The children don't just sit there in amazement listening - they can all join in by singing and clapping along.

Dates in the 2022/23 season will appear here when known.

Capacity is very limited, so tickets for children are only available from the advance box office and telephone sales.

Kindergarten groups please apply here:  jetzt@buehnen-frankfurt.de

A handful of singers and musicians provide perfect operatic entertainment for young children.

Dates for the 2022/23 season will appear here when known.

Groups of school children please apply here: jetzt@buehnen-frankfurt.de

Extra dates can sometimes be arranged for larger groups of children. Please apply here: jetzt@buehnen-frankfurt.de

With generous support from the

Europäische Zentralbank   Fraport

The date for the 2022/23 isn't known yet. Watch this space!

How long is a bassoon's reed? Do you have to do a lot of practise? Why do you love the violin? A chance for children to have a really good look at musicians and their instruments and ask questions in these little chamber concerts.

Performed by members of the Frankfurt Opern- und Museumsorchester

Introduced by Deborah Einspieler

Please apply here: jetzt@buehnen-frankfurt.de 
You must be in possession of a JuniorCard to apply.

A chance for the whole family to have fun learning more about an opera together.

LA CENERENTOLA September 18 2022
DIE ZAUBERFLÖTE September 25, October 16, March 12 & April 16
HÄNSEL UND GRETEL November 6 2022
DON GIOVANNI May 14 2023

Sundays from 2 - 5pm
Tickets available from the advance box office and telephone sales (+49(0)69 49 49 4) only.
Adults €15 / children €8 - booking opens 15th of the month before the date in question

Workshops run by Iris Winkler

A fantastic chance for families, friends and relations to enjoy a visit to the opera together. An adult purchasing a full price ticket is entitled to apply for THREE FREE TICKETS for people under the age of 19! Tickets available from the advance box office on Willy Brandt Platz only. People with severe disabilities (from GdB 50), Oper Frankfurt subscription and account holders can also apply to purchase Opera for Families tickets.

LA CENERENTOLA September 24 2022
HÄNSEL UND GRETEL November 12 2022
DON GIOVANNI May 20 2023

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Child minding is on offer at Oper Frankfurt during performances on Sundays, which all begin in the afternoon. The children are looked after by two qualified teachers upstairs in the opera house where they can play, make things and get a little something to eat. When you hand over your child/children a note will be made of where you are seating, just in case ...

This service is free but you must apply in advance: gaesteservice@buehnen-frankfurt.de 
Tel. +49(0)69 212 37 348  (please leave your number if you get the answermachine!)

Dates for 2022/23 will appear here when known.