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Can you name five female composers or conductors? No? »Archiv Frau & Musik«, one of the world's largest international research institutions in this field, which makes a significant contribution to cultural policy by collecting, promoting and communicating the creative work of women composers, has been working to change this for 40 years, and champion female musicians.

Members of the Frankfurt Opern und Museumsorchesters want to lend their support to their valuable work with their hellhörig@hauptwache concerts which, this season, take place on Tuesdays at 13.15hrs between October 10  and November 7 in the Katharinen Kirche (church) near the Hauptwache.

November 7

Antonín Dvorák (1841–1904) Terzetto for 2 violins and viola, Op.74
 Introduzione. Allegro ma non troppo Larghetto. Scherzo.Vivace
Tema com variazioni. Poco adagio

Emilie Mayer 1812-1883 from String Quartet in A Major
Un poco adagio-Allegro moderato Finale. Allegretto

Free midday concerts in the centre of town for everybody.
»Hellhörig« concerts are for a good causes.
Donations can be made in the venue or here: