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Michel Friedman (a well known person in Germany) in conversation and new Tannhäuser

Michel Friedman and guests discussing operas and their relevance to our lives - to here and now. These events take place in the opera house or Bockenheimer Depot (keep your eyes peeled!)

May 23 2024 in the Bockenheimer Depot

and Wagner's Tannhäuser & SEXUALITY

Richard Wagner's operas enjoyed a veritable cult status among sexually liberated artists at the end of the 19th century, Tannhäuser in particular. The new production of the work in Frankfurt features an artist who is silenced by a repressive community because of his sexual identity. Prof. Dr Katinka Schweizer (Chairwoman of the German Society for Sexual Research) and Michel Friedman discuss why reactionary ideologies repeatedly turn so vehemently against sexual diversity.