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Prof. Dr. Katinka Schweizer

Katinka Schweizer
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Katinka Schweizer is a Sexologist and Professor for Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy at the MSH Medical School in Hamburg. After studying Psychology and Theology at Tübingen, Landau, Oxford and Hamburg universities she gained her doctorate and qualified as a professor researching gender identification and recognition of inter-sexuality and variants of gender developement at Hamburg University. Katinka Schweizer works in her own practice as a  Psychologiscal Psychotherapist and as a Supervisor for training in deeply psychological based psychotherapy. She is chairman of the German Gesellschaft for Sexual Research (DGfS) and co-editor of paoers about sexual research in specialised publications. She and Fabian Vogler published Die Schönheiten des Geschlechts. Intersex im Dialog (Campus Verlag, Frankfurt) in 2018. Awards made to Katinka Schweizer for her work and projects about intersexuality include the 2013 Siegmund Freud Foundation Frankfurt am Main Förderpreis and, with the Israeli sociologist Limor Meoded Danon, the 2021  Foreign Ministry's Shimon Peres Prize.