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Happy New Ears

The »Happy New Ears« series continues this season with four concerts to open people's ears to contemporary music - John Cage's New Year's wish, adopted by Ensemble Modern for these wonderful workshop concerts.
The venues for these events are Oper Frankfurt, the Bockenheimer Depot or the Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Frankfurt; two of them under the umbrella of the ICCS' »curtain call« initiative for young composers.

December 13 2022

With guests: the Lucerne Festival Academy at »Happy New Ears«

The Ensemble Modern have been in close touch with the Lucerne Festival Academy since the summer of 2021 combining Happy New Ears workshop concerts with the annual Composers' Seminar in Lucerne, thereby giving audiences in Frankfurt the chance of getting to know up and coming composers. Dieter Ammann runs these Seminars with Wolfgang Rihm, who founded them in 2016. Rihm, who will be introducing the concert on  December 13, wants composers to find "an articulation of their own": "I bring people together whom I believe can create a kind of conversation - a discourse based on different aesthetic, cultural pre-suppositions." Come and hear music by young composers from Armenia, China, France and Lithuania lead by the French conductor Marc Hajjar.

Marc Hajjar conductor
Christian Fausch, Mark Sattler moderator

Ensemble Modern

Minzuo Lu: VUCA for ensemble (2022)
Hugo Van Rechem: [5:54] (morning coffee, empty stomach & spiritual elevation) (2022)
Raimonda Žiūkaitė: W-W-W (2022) (First performance in Germany)
Zhenyan Li: Hashigakari for ensemble (2022)
Aregnaz Martirosyan: 501-2 for ensemble (2022)

Part of the ICCS (International Composer & Conductor Seminars)'s curtain_call