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Intermezzo – Opera at Lunchtime

Something different to do at lunchtime! Get to know young singers and musicians from our Opera Studio and the Paul Hindemith Orchestra Academy. Things to eat are on sale.

February 21 - with students from the Frankfurt University for Music  and the Performing Arts

GABRIEL FAURÉ (1845–1924)  Impromptu, op. 86
harp Héloïse Carlean-Jones

KARL WEIGL 1881–1949
Pfingstlied/Spring Song, op. 3/1
Herbstgefühl/Autumn Emotions, op. 3/4

Heimliche Aufforderung/Secret Invitation, op. 27/3
Traum durch die Dämmerung/Dream in the Twilight, op. 29/1
Breit über mein Haupt/Cover my head, op. 19/2
Wie sollten wir geheim sie halten/How can we keep it secret? op. 19/4

tenor Lukas Schmidt
piano Hedayet Jonas Djeddikar

Remaining Mondays in 2021/22
April 4 & May 23
Doors open 12 noon, until capacity has been reached

A joint project: Deutsche Bank Stiftung and Oper Frankfurt