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Happy New Ears

May 7 2024 Portrait concert for Brigitta Muntendorf

One of the most versatile and innovating personalities on the contemporary music scene. The German-Austrian composer Brigitta Muntendorf, winner of an Ernst von Siemens foundation scholarship and professor for composition at the University for Music and the Performing Arts in Cologne since 2018, combines dance, video, performance and installations in many of her works. She experiments with 3D Audio (a way of heightening the way sound is experienced) and incorporates research into social dynamics into her works, establishing the term »Social Composing«. In  her transmedia music theatre piece Melencolia, written for and performed at the 2022 Bregenz Festival for the first time by the Ensemble Modern, she incorporated well known grafics by Albrecht Dürer, investigating melancholy as a borderline phenomenon between physical illness, contemplation, the possibility of overcoming earthly suffering and Sisters of Geniality - a »musical Show against the universe's indifference«.

Planet Norn and Daisy, Daisy from:
MELENCOLIA - Eine Show againt the Universe's Indifference (2022)

Friederike Scheunchen, conductor
Brigitta Muntendorf, componist and speaker
Geert Lovink, introducer