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Happy New Ears

June 27 2023 Featuring Ukrainian composers

Putin embarked on an inhuman and criminal war against the Ukraine on February 24 last year 2022.  The country is steeped in tradition and culture. Here's a chance to celebrate some composers you may never have heard of before, introduced by renowned author, journalist, musicologist and Slavic expert Kerstin Holm. Anna Korsun, a successful singer, pianist, organist and conductor born in Donestk in 1986, graduated in the Ukraine before going to study with Moritz Eggert at the University for Music in Munich. She has been teaching at the Conservatoire in Amsterdam since 2018. Maxim Kolomiiets, born in Kyiv in 1981, studied the oboe and composition before going to the University for Music in Cologne. He is passionate about baroque music, symphonic and contemporary music, and has composed two operas. Alexander Shchetynsky, born in Kharkiv in 1960, studied at the Music University there, where he later taught. He has written operas and church music. Sergey Pilyutikov, born in Uzyn, not far from the capital of Ukraine, in 1965, has written a lot of music including vocal compositions, chamber and symphonic works.  He also ran a festival for contemporary music in Kyiv. 


Alexander Shchetynsky
Cryptogram for Vibraphone (1989)

Anna Korsun
tamerai for Ensemble (2021)

Maxim Kolomiiets
supremus für 11 musicians (2015)

Sergey Pilyutikov

Vibraphone Rainer Römer
Conductor Ustina Dubitsky
Moderation Veronika Paleeva
Talking to: Anna Korsun, Maxim Kolomiiets

The »Happy New Ears« series continues this season with four concerts to open people's ears to contemporary music - John Cage's New Year's wish, adopted by Ensemble Modern for these wonderful workshop concerts.
The venues for these events are Oper Frankfurt, the Bockenheimer Depot or the Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Frankfurt; two of them under the umbrella of the ICCS' »curtain call« initiative for young composers.