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Orchestra up close

All dates in 2023/24 - which begin at 3pm - take place in our new venue: Neue Kaiser February 17, 18. April 20, 21, June 22 & 23 2024

February 17 & 18 2024

Mozart and the globetrotting flautist

21 year old Mozart travelled to Mannheim, where he stayed for 177 days, in 1777. He was looking for a permanent post and had to work, but he kept on meeting interesting people, who distracted him: One of them was Ferdinand Dejean, an elderly doctor who was passionate about the flute and had travelled half the world, spending many years living and working in Indonesia. When he met Mozart he was thrilled by his music and promised him money by commissioning 2 flute concertos and quartets. A race against the clock began, because Mozart couldn't always knuckle down …

flute Paul Dahme
violin Donata Wilken
viola Ludwig Hampe
cello Philipp Bosbach
introduced by Deborah Einspieler

April 20 & 21

About coaches, locamotives and other methods of transport

Our journey takes you from Europe to America. Mozart, Beethoven and Dvořák went on long journeys too, thrilling audiences both sides of the »great pond« with their music.

music by Mozart, Beethoven & Dvořák

violin Lin Ye
viola Gabriele Piras
cello Janis Marquard 
idea Deborah Einspieler