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Lutz ter Voert


Lutz ter Voert was born in Ludwigsburg in 1980. He started learning to play the violin at the Städtische Music School in Markgröningen in 1984 before having private lessons with Margarete Mederus in 1986. He joined Prof. Winfried Rademacher's class at the University for Music in Trossingen in 1998, when he was also appointed a professor for violin at the Priamus Academy. After obtaining his diploma in 2004 and time spent teaching until 2007 he joined the Beethoven Orchester Bonn. He has been performing with the Ter Voert Quartet - Lutz, Britta, Georg jr. snd Georg ter Voert - at home and abroad since 1996. Many live and television recordings exist. Lutz ter Voert joined the Frankfurt Opern- und Museumsorchester in 2008.