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VIEW »Siegfried« until May 31

Our Ring was directed by Vera Nemirova. The wonderful, versatile set was designed by Jens Kilian, costumes by Ingeborg Bernerth, lighting: Olaf Winter, video: Bibi Abel. It is conducted by our General Music Director Sebastian Weigle.

SIEGFRIED - FROM 5pm May 23: Fafner has turned himself into a dragon to guard his treasure and the ring, which Alberich is still hellbent on getting his hands on, as is his brother Mime, who raised Siegfried after his mother died in childbirth. Siegfried is the only man who can kill the dragon, but he needs Nothung, which Wotan shattered during Siegmund's last battle, to do it. Mime tries in vain to weld the sword together until Wotan, as the Wanderer, tells him that only a man who has never learned what fear is can mend it. Siegfried got dragon's blood on his hand when he killed Fafner, which enables him to understand a forest bird who tells him about Brünnhilde asleep on her rock. He sets off to find her, braves the flames and, yes, they fall in love.