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Chamber Music

chamber music concert ix
inspired by new production of »ulisse«

Come on a journey through 20th century Italian music with members of the Frankfurt Opern- und Museumsorchester: featuring the of Ulisse, the last new production this season, by Luigi Dallapiccola, his hero Arnold Schönberg, teacher Vito Frazzi and Goffredo Petrassi, one of his contemporaries.

Arnold Schönberg  1874–1951
The Iron Brigade for string quartet & piano (1916)

Vito Frazzi 1888–1975 Leggenda for cello & piano (1935)

Luigi Dallapiccola 1904–1975 Tartiniana seconda for violin & piano (1956)

Goffredo Petrassi 1904–2003
Trio for violin, viola & cello (1959) 
* * *
Vito Frazzi Quintet for strings & piano (1922)  

Luigi Dallapiccola
Piccola musica notturna for chamber ensemble (1954)
Divertimento in Quattro Esercizi for soprano, viola, cello, flute, oboe & clarinet (1934)