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Chamber Music


Members of the Frankfurter Opern-und Museumsorchester have come up with a rarely performed and very unusual programme inspired by the new production of Warten auf heute / Waiting for Today: centred on the composers Erich Zeisl and Arnold Schönberg and their close artistic and personal connections.

The unjustly little known Viennese composer Eric Zeisl belonged to the moderate Wiener Moderne. His chamber music is full of vivid melodies, like his Piano Trio Suite op. 8 (1924) which written between the two World Wars, at a time when Arnold Schönberg tried to write a series of jolly »popular« works, including his Suite op. 29 (1925/26). This phase in his Œuvre culminated in his one act Von heute auf morgen / From Today till Tomorrow (1928/29).

Erich Zeisl and his family's jewish roots led them to flee the National Socialists in 1938, first to Paris and then, in 1939, New York, where he worked for the radio, composed piano and cello sonatas, works for ballet, wrote music for Hollywood films and taught at Los Angeles City College. An exile in America he maintained close contact with Erich Wolfgang Korngold, Igor Stravinsky, Hanns Eisler and – above all – Arnold Schönberg. His daughter Barbara later married Ronald Schoenberg, whose father died in 1951, making Arnold Schönberg her father-in-law and grandfather of their four children.

Erich Zeisl 1905–1959 Piano Trio Suite in b minor op.8 (1924)


Arnold Schönberg 1874–1951
Suite for little clarinet, clarinet, bass-clarinet, violin, viola, cello and piano op. 29 (1925/26)