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What's up?@Hauptwache

An exciting new series of concerts by members of the Frankfurt Opern- und Museumsorchester in the heart of the city: the Katharinenkirche by the Hauptwache. They're 45 minutes long and begin at 13.15hrs

Entry's free, but the concerts in the »Hellhörig« are for a good cause. In May we want to collect money for people fleeing the Ukraine. The Ukrainian Verein in Frankfurt e.V. look after newly arrived children, organising Saturday schools in their mother tongue, things to do and outings. Children should be allowed to be children after all. We want to support their work, with your help.

»Hellhörig« concerts now take place in the spring and autumn. With these benefit concerts the orchestra wants to show its duty to society. We want to help shape the cultural and everyday life in Frankfurt, because culture can achieve a lot. Donations can be made in the venue or you can support the project here:

Programme for May 31

Stravinsky 1882–1971 Fanfare for a New Theatre

Vivaldi 1678–1741 Concerto in C Major for 2 trumpets RV 537
(Allegro – Largo – Allegro)

Buxtehude 1637–1707  Toccata ub F Major BuxWV 156

Petronio Franceschini 1651–1680 Sonata in D Major for 2 trumpets
(Grave – Allegro – Adagio – Allegro)

Oskar Frederik Lindberg 1877–1955 Gammal fäbodpsalm fran Dålarna
– Alter Sennhüttenpsalm aus Dålarna –

J. S. Bach 1685–1750Wohl mir, daß ich Jesum habe
Chorale from Cantata BWV 147

Buxtehude 1637–1707 Nun bitten wir den heiligen Geist
Chorale arrangement BuxWV 209

Francesco Manfredini 1680–1748 Concerto in D Major for 2 trumpets
(Allegro – Lento – Allegro)