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Tours to show you why the theatres on Willy Brandt Platz need fixing!

Many cities in Germany, including Frankfurt, are being faced with the problem of how finance updating theatres so that they comply with safety regulations, or don't just fall down, or decide to take a deep breath and build new ones.

The Städtischen Bühnen Frankfurt (opera and straight theatre in Frankfurt) have organised tours so that people who live in Frankfurt and the surrounding region can see for themselves what is involved.

The powers that be in Frankfurt have appointed a commission, under the architect Michael Guntersdorf, to see how feasible improvements to the two theatre complex are. Where the two theatres should perform if the existing theatres have to be closed for work, or whether they should start from scratch and build a new complex, or two theatres. The commission's findings complete the results of a feasibility study which was published in the summer of 2017.  In January 2020 city planners decided that renovating the buildings was not an option, and would have been a short term, very expensive solution. Various possibilities about tearing down a/the buildings and building one or two new theatres are being drawn up.

These tours are free but limited to 15 people per tour 

Apply for tickets at the advance box office on Willy-Brandt-Platz).

Tickets can be applied for 14 days before the date in question.

The tour around the building is unfortunately not possible for people in wheelchairs or with trouble walking, because there are are a LOT of staircases ...

March 20  (booking opens March 6)

April 23 (booking opens April 4)

May 20 2019 (booking opens May 6)

June 13 2019 (booking opens May 29)