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Yiddish Operetta Lieder

Alma Sadé (soprano) Helene Schneiderman (mezzo-soprano) Barrie Kosky (piano)

A Komische Oper Berlin production

»Farges mikh nit« – »Forget me not«. In their stunning recital programme the soprano Alma Sadé, mezzo-soprano Helene Schneidermann with Barrie Kosky on piano resurrect the almost completely forgotten genre of Yiddish operetta – ingenious, melancholic, witty and deeply moving. The songs breathe the stories of their authors and composers, who were nearly all part of the huge wave of people who started emigrating to America from East Europe in the 1880s: they tell of longing and loneliness, homeland and love, happiness and the joy of life. From Yiddish Broadway on 2nd Avenue in New York, these works enjoyed their glory days during in the first half of the 20th century, becoming not only part of everyday Jewish life, but also influencing American musicals and film music. Here's their programme!