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8th Sunday & Monday Museumsconcerts

Ludwig van Beethoven (1770–1827) Piano Concerto Nr. 2 in B Major op.19

Dimitri Shostakovitch (1906–1975) Symphony Nr. 10 in c minor op.93

Francesco Piemontesi piano
Constantinos Carydis conductor

a new beginning

Dmitri Shostakovitch's tenth symphony, performed for the first time in 1953, not long after Stalin's death, is seen as a personal confrontation, a reckoning with the dictator - especially as it contains quotations from Mussorgsky's Boris Godunov, who also went down in history as a brutal usurper. Tks the end of a dark period in which the composer had been condemned to silence and the beginning of a creative phase. Beethoven's 2nd Piano Concerto is also associated with a new phase in his life, in which he tried to assert himself as an independent artist.