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7th Sunday & Monday Museumsconcerts

The Sorcerer's Apprentice

Piano Concert for the Left Hand, in D Major

Symphonie fantastique op. 14

Jader Bignamini conductor
Claire Huangci pianist

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magic sound and witch's sabbath

His master out, the apprentice tries to perform some magic, turning a broom into a slave and flooding the house instead of the bath, but can't remember a spell to remedy matters, which the master casts himself when he comes home. Dukas was inspired to write this extraordinary music by a ballad by Goethe in 1897. Hector Berlioz’ revolutionary Symphonie fantastique has a narrative too: an artist (Berlioz, of course) falls desperately love with a young actress, following her in his dreams to a ball, the countryside and a terrifying witch's sabbath.  It is followed by Maurice Ravel's concerto »for the left hand«, written for the pianist Paul Wittgenstein, who lost his right arm in World War I.

10 am/7 pm introductory talks (in German) by Andreas Bomba in the main auditorium