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6th Sunday & Monday Museumsconcerts

Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg Overture

Symphony Nr. 7 in E minor Song of the Night

Rafael Payare conductor

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Gustav Mahler, the famous Viennese conductor, was a firm advocate of the master from Bayreuth, praising his idol as »a fireball, revolutionary and reformer!«. Gustav Mahler was a composer and conductor too. When he conducted the world premiere of his 7th Symphony in Prague in 1908 it was preceded by Wagner's Meistersinger overture. Some people hear echoes from Wagner's opera in the symphony's last movement. The young Venezuelan conductor Rafael Payare takes up Mahler's idea for these Museumsconcerts.

10 am/7 pm introductory talks (in German) by Andreas Bomba in the main auditorium

Please note that there are 2 concerts on both days because audience numbers have been severely reduced
Sundays: 10am & 12.30 hrs
Mondays: 5 & 8pm

WAGNER  Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg overture

MAHLER  Symphony Nr. 7 in e minor Lied der Nacht / Song of the Night

CONDUCTOR Rafael Payare

conductors as composers

For or against? Or: what about Wagner? The famous Viennese conductor Gustav Mahler stood firmly in the camp of people in favour of the master from Bayreuth. What a fiery spirit, a revolutionary!, he gushed about his idol. He conducted the Meistersinger overture before the world premiere of his 7th symphony in Prague in 1908. Some claim to hear echoes of it in this symphony's last movement. The young Venezuelan conductor follows suit.