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5th Sunday & Monday Museumsconcerts

Cello Concerto in B minor op. 104

Symphony Nr. 6 in F Major op. 68 Pastorale

Sebastian Weigle conductor
Zlatomir Fung cello

Tickets for 5th Monday Museumskonzert

 Fields,  meadows and woods

Zlatomir Fung, 21, won his first competition in San Francisco when he was 16 and the 2019 International Tchaikovsky Competition in Moscow. Beethoven's inspiration for his symphony: The awakening of a sense of wellbeing in the countryside and the joyful, grateful state of mind after a thunderstorm. One never tires of its extraordinary beauty.

10 am/7 pm introductory talks (in German) by Andreas Bomba in the  main auditorium

Peast note that there are 2 concerts on both days because audience numbers have been severely reduced
Sundays: 10 & 12.30hrs
Mondays: 5 & 8pm 2

DVOŘÁK Cello concerto in b minor op. 104

BEETHOVEN  Symphony Nr. 6 in F Major op. 68 Pastorale

Sebastian Weigle conductor
Zlatomir Fung cello

Fields, meadows & woods

Zlatomir Fung is 21 years old. He won his first competition, in San Francisco, when he was 16 and the Cello Prize - at the 2019 International Tchaikovsky Competition in Moscow.