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Opera for Children Tosca

These events give children between the ages of 5 and 10 the chance to start discovering the wonderful world of opera. The Holzfoyer on the first floor is transformed into an almost mini theatre, where operas specially adapted for children by Deborah Einspieler are performed by a few young singers, a pianist and the puppeteer Thomas Korte. They are ca. an hour long, without an interval.

Some operas are like thrillers. 1800 in Rome: Mario Cavaradossi is painting a picture of Mary Magdalen in a church – inspired by a beautiful stranger he saw praying. An old friend suddenly appears, Cesare Angelotti, who has just escaped from prison. Angelotti hides when Cavaradossi's beloved Flora Tosca, a jealous singer, arrives. His escape has been discovered. The terrifying chief of police, Scarpia, interrogates Cavaradossi. When Tosca realises that Scarpia is hurting her friend she tries to help, putting to use her beauty and stage artistry... An exciting but tragic story unfolds which ends with a lot of people dying on stage – but they get up again, and beam at you while you applaud them.

20th May 2017
1:30 pm
Ticket Prices
children €8, adults €15