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Opera for Children Rigoletto

These events give children between the ages of 5 and 10 the chance to start discovering the wonderful world of opera. The Holzfoyer on the first floor is transformed into an almost mini theatre, where operas specially adapted for children by Deborah Einspieler are performed by a few young singers, a pianist and the puppeteer Thomas Korte. They are ca. an hour long, without an interval.

The story takes place in the days when royalty had their court jesters: The Duke of Mantua flits from one love affair to the other, which makes him very unpopular. He recently had his eye on a woman who he saw in church and badly wants to get to know better. At a ball everyone pokes fun of the court jester Rigoletto who, it is rumoured, has a very young girlfriend. The ball is interrupted by Graf Monetrone. He is furious because his daughter, like many others before her, has been dumped by the Duke. Rigoletto can hardly contain himself for Schadenfreude, until the Graf curses the Duke and Rigoletto. What happens next makes it one of the most exciting of Verdi's operas.

25th March 2017
1:30 pm
Ticket Prices
children €8, adults €15