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 Opera for Children 

Opera for Children (between the ages of 5 and 10) opens a door to the world of opera. Deborah Einspieler adapts well known operas especially for children, which are about one hour long. A handful of singers, a puppeteer and pianist create unforgettable moments for young ears, eyes and hearts and encourage the children to join in. These events are usually an hour + long, without an interval.

On 2 Tuesdays, for every opera, there are performances for school classes that begin at 10.30am. Booking opens September 19th 2016 by email: jetzt@buehnen-frankfurt.de

2016/17 Season


The sisters Tatjana and Olga are as different as chalk and cheese. Tatiana is very sensitive, while Olga bubbles over with an enthusiasm for life. They are just as different in the way they react to men – one is reserved, the other is a flirt. The writer Lenski has been in love with Olga for ages. One day he brings his friend Eugen Onegin with him. Tatiana immediately falls in love with him but Onegin is more taken with Olga, reason enough for Lenski, his friend, to challenge him to a duel. After Lenski's death, Onegin loses interest in Olga and disappears. When he returns, years later, he falls in love with Tatiana. Tatiana returns his feelings but has married someone else...
November 5th, 8th, 9th, 12th & 15th 2016 (booking opens September 15th 2016)


What goes on underneath the stage while operas are being performing above? I've always wanted to know – let's have a look! It is really dusty down there, and there's someone who looks a bit like a human, a bit like a bird. »Who on earth are you?« I asked. But the answer is clear, it is Papageno. »Don't be so surprised – we live here. Welcome to the world of opera – welcome to our adventure!«

January 14th, 24th, 25th, 28th and 31st 2017 (booking opens November 15th 2016)


The story takes place in the days when royalty had their court jesters: The Duke of Mantua flits from one love affair to the other, which makes him very unpopular. He recently had his eye on a woman who he saw in church and badly wants to get to know better. At a ball everyone pokes fun of the court jester Rigoletto who, it is rumoured, has a very young girlfriend. The ball is interrupted by Graf Monetrone. He is furious because his daughter, like many others before her, has been dumped by the Duke. Rigoletto can hardly contain himself for Schadenfreude, until the Graf curses the Duke and Rigoletto. What happens next makes it one of the most exciting of Verdi's operas.

March 25th, 28th, April 19th, 22nd, 25th & 26th 2017 (booking opens January 15th 2017)


Some operas are like thrillers. 1800 in Rome: Mario Cavaradossi is painting a picture of Mary Magdalen in a church – inspired by a beautiful stranger he saw praying. An old friend suddenly appears, Cesare Angelotti, who has just escaped from prison. Angelotti hides when Cavaradossi's beloved Flora Tosca, a jealous singer, arrives. His escape has been discovered. The terrifying chief of police, Scarpia, interrogates Cavaradossi. When Tosca realises that Scarpia is hurting her friend she tries to help, putting to use her beauty and stage artistry... An exciting but tragic story unfolds which ends with a lot of people dying on stage – but they get up again, and beam at you as soon as you start clapping

May 20th, 23rd, 24th & 27th 2017 (booking opens March 15th 2017)

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