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next performance of new Rigoletto March 30

Brenda Rae (Gilda) & Quinn Kelsey (Rigoletto)
© Monika Rittershaus
next performance of new Rigoletto March 30

Court jester Rigoletto taunts Ceprano (Mikołaj Trąbka - a wonderful new member of the Opera Studio) the husband of the latest object of his master's desires. Rumour has it that Rigoletto has a mistress. Monterone (Magnús Baldvinsson) curses Rigoletto when he mocks him for confronting the Duke (Mario Chang) about seducing his daughter. On his way home Rigoletto bumps into Sparafucile (Önay Köse), a hit man, who offers his services. Rigoletto's daughter is not allowed to leave the house alone. She has not told her father about a handsome young man she has seen in church. Instructing Giovanna (Nina Tarandek) to look after his daughter he goes out again. The young man, the duke in disguise, calls on Gilda and they profess their love for one another. The courtiers, planning to take their revenge by abducting his mistress, dupe Rigoletto into helping them carry off Ceprano's wife by steadying a ladder, blindfolded. When he hear's his daughters cries the horrible truth dawns on him  (end of act 1)  Monterone's curse seems to be coming back to haunt him already...